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Summer Sun Here We Come!

Posted on: May 30th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments

Summer is fast approaching and we want you to think of us on all of your Summer adventures!

Where in the world will you go with your “Flat Talbot”?


Our contest going on this Summer involves taking Flat Talbot with you and being as creative, unique, and adventurous as you can for a chance to win an extra 50 Tbucks!

You can post up to 5 pictures on Facebook and Instagram with your Flat Talbot doing whatever it is you are going to do this Summer, but you have to remember to tag us in your post. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under Talbot Orthodontics.

At the end of the Summer Dr. Talbot will pick his favorite picture and whomever that is will win the extra 50 Tbucks.

So now that you know the rules, what will you do?

Here’s a couple of suggestions to get your creative mind flowing:

Maybe everyone won’t actually be traveling this Summer, so start by thinking about a fun trick you can do or a sport. You could make a video doing a backflip with Flat Talbot or whatever it is you do best!

If you are traveling somewhere put Flat Talbot in the sand with you, maybe put a hat on him to shade his face from the sun.

Even Michelle from our front office has taken Flat Talbot in the pilot’s cockpit on her flight to California.


We hope everyone has a good time doing this, and an adventurous Summer!

Talbot Orthodontics


Posted on: May 14th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments

We had such a fun day seeing many of our patients get their braces off yesterday and having a fiesta to celebrate! Party food included churros, chips, nacho cheese, salsa, and cream soda. We also had some authentic Mexican hats, clothing, and blankets thanks to Dr. Talbot, did you know he lived in Mexico for two years? We also had some fun props for the pictures: stick on mustaches, music shakers, a guitar, and a trumpet. Take a look at some the fun photos we captured.

Adios amigos!

Talbot Orthodontics







Easter Bunny Debond Day

Posted on: April 30th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments

We had quite the party last week on debond day in our office, a little over a dozen of our patients sprung out of their braces revealing beautiful pearly whites! The Easter Bunny made an appearance and gave them easter baskets as departing gifts. We had lots of fun taking pictures and seeing plenty of beautiful smiles.





Happy April Fools Day!

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments


What plans do you have to play harmless tricks on your friends or family today? There are tons of funny and surprising ideas you can find out there! Here are just a few you can use to enjoy this fun day.

Make a fake cake using a balloon, cool whip, and sprinkles. When you ask them to cut the cake it will pop everywhere! Make sure you do this in the kitchen or somewhere it won’t stain anything, but it’s sure to get a scream and then some laughter shortly after the initial shock!


Tell your family you made them some brownies and that they are on the kitchen counter. Simply cut the letter E out of brown paper and place them in a brownie pan covered with tin foil. It’s simple and sure to get a chuckle.


Place a sticky note under someone’s computer mouse so that the mouse doesn’t work. Write on it Happy April Fool’s Day, or some kind of funny message for when they look under it to see why it’s not working.


Glue plastic googly eyes on all the items in your fridge, the next person who opens it will have all those eyes staring right back at them!


Go to a party store and get those paper poppers and tape them under the toilet seat where the seat tabs are. Whoever goes to the bathroom next will sure be surprised by the loud pop when they take a seat!


Lastly, there is always the good old candied apple prank. Except instead of using apples use onions. Can you imagine someone’s face after biting into the “candied apple” and realizing its a stinky onion?


Whether you use one of these ideas or your own, let us know about your harmless April Fools Day pranks by posting on our Facebook, or write it down and bring it to our office and win 10 Tbucks!

Happy pranking!

Happy Spring From Talbot Orthodontics

Posted on: March 20th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments

The vernal equinox is now here! Bring on the sprouting flowers, greenery, longer days and warmer weather! Celebrate the oncoming of the new season by planting a garden, doing more outdoor activities, take up a new hobby, wear brighter colors, just get out there and do things that will brighten your smile.

Happy Spring everyone!




Oscar Winning Smiles!

Posted on: March 13th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments

Last Monday we had another one of our famous debond day parties, and the theme was the Oscars! Our schedule was booked full of patients getting their braces off, all of which thoroughly enjoyed our decor and fun treats. Dr. Talbot came dressed to a “T” in a suit and bow tie. We had feather boas, top hats, designer shades and a red carpet for everyone to use for their glamour shots.

We love and appreciate our patients and hope they keep on smiling!

Take a look at some of the photos from our Oscar party below!








Make a Saint Patrick’s Day Treat!

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments


We all know if we don’t want to get pinched on Saint Patrick’s Day we need to wear green, let’s take it a step further and eat green all day long! Dark green fruits and vegetables are the best for your health so go ahead and reach for foods like broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumbers, kiwi, green apples and anything else you can think of. Just remember to cut your fruits and vegetable into bite size pieces so you don’t break your brackets.

Of course you can’t go without having a bit of a sweet treat for this fun holiday, so break out the lucky charms or green cookies and enjoy those as well.

Here is a Saint Patrick’s Day drink recipe you can make for your family on March 17th:

1 Can of Pineapple Juice
1 Liter Sparkling Lemonade
1 Bottle Sparkling White Grape Juice
Lime Popsicles
Green Apples

Add all the liquid ingredients into your punch bowl, and cut your lime popsicles into cubes to use them as ice cubes in each glass. Cut your green apples into large slices and use a shamrock cookie cutter to make shamrock green apple slices. Spritz the apple slices with lemon or lime juice so they don’t turn brown. Cut a small slit up the bottom center of the shamrock and slide it on to the side of a filled glass, and your done!

Now you have a fun festive drink to enjoy for your Saint Patrick’s Day party!

Happy New Year!

Posted on: January 13th, 2014 by drtalbot No Comments

We hope this year brings everyone some wonderful experiences, opportunities, fun times and growth! Continue to take care of your health, or set a goal to make healthier choices in 2014 including taking better care of your teeth.

Start this year off by doing an individual charitable act. You or someone you know must describe in 30 words or more your charitable act and send it to us via email, Facebook, or bring it into our office. The charitable act must be done for someone who is in need of assistance in some way. If you do this you can earn 50 TBUCKS!

The deadline for this activity is March 31st.

We wish you all the best in 2014!


Dental Gingerbread House Contest

Posted on: December 23rd, 2013 by drtalbot No Comments

Take a look at the winners and participants of our gingerbread house contest. It was a close call, and everyone did such a great job!

In first place Dr. Bruce Richards Office
In second place we had a tie between Kids Dental Barn and Herriman Hills Dental











Barely There Braces for a Confident Smile

Posted on: November 20th, 2013 by drtalbot No Comments

Would you like a more beautiful smile without the attention of regular metal braces? There is a more discreet option called Radiance. Radiance braces are made from pure sapphire that are clear, making it hard to tell that you are wearing them. Even our very own treatment coordinator has them, many patients can’t tell she has them and her smile still looks bright white. Read what she has to say:

“I was so nervous about getting braces as an adult, not nervous about the pain or the appointments, or even the end result. I was nervous about what people would think when they saw braces on my teeth as an adult.  I decided to go with the radiance brackets that are made of ceramic rather than metal; they are clear!  It was great because the first few days after I got them on, I was worried about people commenting, especially people I knew. I was surprised at how many people I see daily did not even notice my braces, in fact some friends that knew I was getting them on did not even notice until I showed them. They look great and I don’t have to worry about them changing color- I drink coffee daily and they still look great. I am so glad that the radiance brackets are an option, they are a perfect fit for an adult or anyone that wants braces, but doesn’t want to look like a teenager.”

Anyone who wants the benefit of orthodontic treatment but not a metal mouth can now enjoy this option. It’s never too late for a gorgeous smile!

Give us a call to  schedule a consultation today!

Attention all patients who participate in our Talbot Dollars program: Remember that if you refer someone to our office and they come in for a consultation you receive 50 Talbot Dollars, and if they become a patient receive 300 Talbot Dollars!