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Barely There Braces for a Confident Smile

Would you like a more beautiful smile without the attention of regular metal braces? There is a more discreet option called Radiance. Radiance braces are made from pure sapphire that are clear, making it hard to tell that you are wearing them. Even our very own treatment coordinator has them, many patients can’t tell she has them and her smile still looks bright white. Read what she has to say:

“I was so nervous about getting braces as an adult, not nervous about the pain or the appointments, or even the end result. I was nervous about what people would think when they saw braces on my teeth as an adult.  I decided to go with the radiance brackets that are made of ceramic rather than metal; they are clear!  It was great because the first few days after I got them on, I was worried about people commenting, especially people I knew. I was surprised at how many people I see daily did not even notice my braces, in fact some friends that knew I was getting them on did not even notice until I showed them. They look great and I don’t have to worry about them changing color- I drink coffee daily and they still look great. I am so glad that the radiance brackets are an option, they are a perfect fit for an adult or anyone that wants braces, but doesn’t want to look like a teenager.”

Anyone who wants the benefit of orthodontic treatment but not a metal mouth can now enjoy this option. It’s never too late for a gorgeous smile!

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Attention all patients who participate in our Talbot Dollars program: Remember that if you refer someone to our office and they come in for a consultation you receive 50 Talbot Dollars, and if they become a patient receive 300 Talbot Dollars!

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