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Happy April Fools Day!


What plans do you have to play harmless tricks on your friends or family today? There are tons of funny and surprising ideas you can find out there! Here are just a few you can use to enjoy this fun day.

Make a fake cake using a balloon, cool whip, and sprinkles. When you ask them to cut the cake it will pop everywhere! Make sure you do this in the kitchen or somewhere it won’t stain anything, but it’s sure to get a scream and then some laughter shortly after the initial shock!


Tell your family you made them some brownies and that they are on the kitchen counter. Simply cut the letter E out of brown paper and place them in a brownie pan covered with tin foil. It’s simple and sure to get a chuckle.


Place a sticky note under someone’s computer mouse so that the mouse doesn’t work. Write on it Happy April Fool’s Day, or some kind of funny message for when they look under it to see why it’s not working.


Glue plastic googly eyes on all the items in your fridge, the next person who opens it will have all those eyes staring right back at them!


Go to a party store and get those paper poppers and tape them under the toilet seat where the seat tabs are. Whoever goes to the bathroom next will sure be surprised by the loud pop when they take a seat!


Lastly, there is always the good old candied apple prank. Except instead of using apples use onions. Can you imagine someone’s face after biting into the “candied apple” and realizing its a stinky onion?


Whether you use one of these ideas or your own, let us know about your harmless April Fools Day pranks by posting on our Facebook, or write it down and bring it to our office and win 10 Tbucks!

Happy pranking!

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