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Summer Sun Here We Come!

Summer is fast approaching and we want you to think of us on all of your Summer adventures!

Where in the world will you go with your “Flat Talbot”?


Our contest going on this Summer involves taking Flat Talbot with you and being as creative, unique, and adventurous as you can for a chance to win an extra 50 Tbucks!

You can post up to 5 pictures on Facebook and Instagram with your Flat Talbot doing whatever it is you are going to do this Summer, but you have to remember to tag us in your post. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under Talbot Orthodontics.

At the end of the Summer Dr. Talbot will pick his favorite picture and whomever that is will win the extra 50 Tbucks.

So now that you know the rules, what will you do?

Here’s a couple of suggestions to get your creative mind flowing:

Maybe everyone won’t actually be traveling this Summer, so start by thinking about a fun trick you can do or a sport. You could make a video doing a backflip with Flat Talbot or whatever it is you do best!

If you are traveling somewhere put Flat Talbot in the sand with you, maybe put a hat on him to shade his face from the sun.

Even Michelle from our front office has taken Flat Talbot in the pilot’s cockpit on her flight to California.


We hope everyone has a good time doing this, and an adventurous Summer!

Talbot Orthodontics

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