Why Choose Talbot Orthodontics?

Quality of Care

Dr. Talbot is a certified orthodontic specialist, which means after he graduated from dental school, he completed three additional years of orthodontic training.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Creighton University, School of Dentistry, where he received several awards for academic and clinical excellence, including the Alpha Omega Award for highest academic achievement in his class.  Dr. Talbot received his orthodontic training and Master of Science degree at the Mayo clinic, one of the finest programs in the world.


Dr. Talbot’s fees are comparable to the fees of other orthodontists in the area. Convenient payment plans are offered with no interest.  We also accept most insurance plans.  As a courtesy, we are happy to submit your orthodontic claims for you.

Personalized Care

Dr. Talbot is dedicated to providing personalized care in order to ensure that you and/or your child receive the best care possible.  This also translates into better communication between the doctor and patient/parents, so that everyone is kept up-to-date on treatment progress.  Dr. Talbot will personally see every patient at every appointment.  In addition, our flexible schedule allows us to accommodate our patients at your convenience.

Conservative Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Talbot has a conservative approach to orthodontics.  He likes to create space rather than extract teeth whenever possible.  Early intervention is only performed when it is clearly beneficial.  His philosophy is to treat every patient as if he/she were his own child.

Modern Treatment Methods

Dr. Talbot uses the most modern methods and appliances available.  In most cases, he uses appliances that take patient compliance out of the picture:  appliances that are cemented in the mouth and require no effort on the part of the patient to remember to wear them.  In other words, no headgear is normally needed.  This means faster and more effective treatment as well as happier patients and parents.

Fun, Professional Atmosphere

Dr. Talbot’s professional staff, make our patients feel at home, making it easier for our patients to relax and enjoy their visits. Patient photographs and x-rays are analyzed with state-of-the-art computer software.  This helps Dr. Talbot develop the best treatment plan for each patient.